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Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art

Researching this AIR I knew there was limited ceramic facilities and my home studio is 
small and cramped, so I dreamt of 
"Big Raw Shit"  
I was looking for space and time, the influences would
come form the museum.........and what a museum it is!


My focus was to make large sculptural clay pieces while experimenting with form, texture and surface and allowing myself to be open to influences of exhibiting work at MASS MoCA.

Making large pieces I found that I was attracted to two artists;

Ursala Von Rydingsvard for her energetic carved surfaces of large wood sculptures and

Frank West for his over large sculptural protuberances.

With these influences I created two clay tree sculptures made in four parts that fit together to reach my hight of 5’2”. Tree One has an architectural lean with a mixture of clean lines, carved sections, textural surfaces with a crown of real tree branches, reaching upwards.  Tree Two influenced from the first, but taking a more organic feel with a surface that is reminiscent of skin moving in and out of growths that are living symbiotically with the tree.

Both Trees were transported raw back to my home studio, fired and successfully transplanted into my garden. 


With the support of
The Canada Council for the Arts  
& Perley Health