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November 2011

It is time to step outside my comfort zone and change my artistic scenery.

In 2001, I attended the Medalta Residency in Alberta, Canada. There I learned to work in a confined time period, to create work that spurred on new work and new energy.  I was also influenced by both the invited and participating artists in their personal practices that have helped me to advance my own studio practice.

Now ten years later my motivation for participating in A.I.R Vallauris is again to rejuvenate my creative juices, meet people, discuss common issues and be influenced by a new place.

While researching Vallauris, I became interested in Roger Capron, the founder of the workshop, ‘I’ Atelier Callis. His figurative clay work such as My Devil and The Golden Bird speak to me in particular. I wish to be influenced by his direct approach and move towards a tactile observation of the figure and facial features in my own work.

Picasso was also living and working in Vallauris (1940-1973) where he painted La Guerre et la Paix in the towns chapel.  He also met his last wife, Jacqueline Rogue at this time.  I have become intrigued by Jacquline and her strength.

If my husband ever met a woman on the street who looked like one of his

paintings he would faint.   ~Jacqueline Rogue 

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My goddess figures are based on my perception of Jacqueline Rogue and her relationship with Picasso. Jacqueline is The Goddess, her body is that of the Greek Amphora, pinched and coiled from each layer of the earth. In each sculpture her arms are snakes wrapping and dancing around her body, creating the handles of the urn. The goddess is a strong woman who loves deeply. She is two women; the beautiful younger woman, amenable to the older man and the older woman who knows her strengths and voices her opinions.

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